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Best Coffee Tables

Best Coffee Tables: Your Buying Guide for 2018

Whether you own a big country home or a small apartment, your living room will most likely include a coffee table. It is usually the center of attraction and the most-used furniture. It comes in different sizes, styles, and finishes and if you want only the perfect ones, then you would also consider the shape, […]

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Wooden Coffee Table

Winsome Wood Nolan Coffee Table: Functional and Simple Work of Art

A coffee table is a low piece of furniture usually placed next to or in front of a sofa. It has a variety of uses including supporting beverages—and no, not just coffee—as well books, magazines, and other decorative or small items. Although a small piece of furniture, it is usually the center of one’s living […]

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How Tall is a Coffee Table

How Tall is a Coffee Table: Finding The Right Height

Would you believe that, in the 1950s, coffee tables were popular because you can place them in front of the TV without obstructing your view from the couch? You didn’t see that coming, did you? Well, we bet you are now wondering how tall is a coffee table. In this article, we will address not […]

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How To Style A Coffee Table

How To Style A Coffee Table in the Most Elegant Way Possible

Coffee tables are considered a staple piece of furniture in every living room. As such, manufacturers have found ways to tap into its market, which resulted in a wide variety of options for us users. With the lot of selections that we have now, purchasing a coffee table became easier and in some cases, hassle-free. However, […]

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