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How to Choose a Recliner

How to Choose a Recliner: A Guide for Enthusiastic Future Owners

A reclining chair adds a touch of style and luxury to any entertainment room, deck, or even living room. As long as you have it there, regardless if it’s in the center or not, you are bound to get some interesting comments and questions, especially on how to choose a recliner like yours. It might […]

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How Does a Recliner Work

How Does a Recliner Work: The Importance of Knowing the Mechanics

Reclining chairs are a thing of curiosity with its mechanics hidden behind a screen of comfort and luxury. It’s plush and soft exterior diverts your mind from thinking how does a recliner work and finding out how simple everything is. This is not to say that an untrained enthusiast can do the mechanics of a […]

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How To Clean A Leather Recliner

How To Clean A Leather Recliner: Your Personal Cheat Sheet

Is your leather recliner stained or dingy? Whether you’re looking for an emergency fix, or you want to bring life back to your well-used and well-loved chair, let us show you how to clean a leather recliner so that you can kick back in style in no time! Perhaps you’re just wondering if getting a […]

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