How to Decorate a Coffee Table and Add Color to Your Room
How to Decorate a Coffee Table and Add Color to Your Room

How to Decorate a Coffee Table and Add Color to Your Room

The coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room. Whether you have some friends coming over or wish to impress a new guest, your coffee table is an essential place to get started. As it is often the most used furniture, keeping it decorated is also necessary. This article will equip you with ways on how to decorate a coffee table.

What Are Coffee Tables?

For most people, coffee tables constitute the most neglected part of their living room, which is why it is not uncommon for people to do a lousy job with them. Others simply slide a neat, mundane cloth across the top, and just be done.

Accessories like coffee tables, mantle, and bookshelves fill up the nooks and crannies of your living room. They are essential components that coordinate and tie your room together. Since coffee tables are much smaller in dimensions to a bookshelf, styling it can involve some technical knowledge.

Moreover, it is also essential that you correctly understand all styling fundamentals of how to decorate a coffee table in order to do a good job at it.

Coffee Table Essentials

Decorating a coffee table always depends on the specifics of the room. It is important you decorate it with colors and table-accessories that go along with the rest of the room, and not strike out unusual.

You might prefer to keep your coffee table nice and simple, instead of vouching for a more eclectic look. But despite that, there are some coffee table essentials that you must always remember.

These include:

  • Coffee Table Tray: Being stylish and chic, these are an excellent addition to the design of your coffee table. Not only are they appealing to the eye, but they also help organize the rest of your table décor. Coffee table trays are available in a wide range of varieties and designs. Thus, you can always find one that suits your room.
  • Coasters: Tired of scrubbing water rings or drink stains off your coffee table? Try adding a set of coasters. Coasters come in a vast variety of sizes and designs, which is why finding a matching set will be an easy job. Coasters will exemplify the look of your coffee table by adding a lot of personality to your coffee table spread.
  • Vases: Want to make an aesthetic addition to your coffee table décor? Add a florally patterned vase. You can fill these with stones and translucent pebbles to greatly magnify the visual effect.
  • Statement Piece: A statement piece is important to bind all of your tabletop décors A statement piece can be an exquisite piece, ranging from ceramic statues to metallic decorative balls. You can use this as an opportunity to showcase your own individual talent. If you really want your coffee table to stand out, adding a unique decorative piece is just the way.

How to Decorate a Coffee Table

There are many different types of coffee tables and different ways of decorating them. If you have a bold, chic taste, then you might want to know how to decorate a Glam, Industrial, or Bohemian Coffee Table.

  • Glam Coffee Table

Looking for something feminine and elegant, with the interplay of chic neutrals and brilliant metallic décor? Glam style is just the thing for you!

This look encapsulates a classic black-and-white palette, high-pile fabrics and traditional, geometric patterns. With a hint of chrome, brass, or gold decor, you can convert your glam coffee table into something more attractive.

To perfectly pull off the glam style, choose a coffee table with metal frames and a glass top. However, don’t stop just there. To further enhance its elegance, add a vase with vibrant silk flowers.

A large, rounded vase with feminine colored flowers and leaves will help add extra height to your coffee table. Moreover, you can also place some golden-specked candles in glass or stone vessels to further its opulence.

The best way to decorate a coffee table is to create a balance between texture and color. For example, an intelligent mix of finishes and tones offers you an excellent foundation to decorate a coffee table. You can add a white serving tray in combination with gold-trimmed handles, and it will offer a perfect look to your coffee table.

  • Industrial Coffee Table

An industrial style coffee table aims at pulling a modern twist on a historical style. Home decor that is made of materials like wood, metal, and concrete often pairs well with industrial coffee tables, providing you with an up-to-date look that is still vintage and classic.

When it comes to your coffee table décor, you can simply go with a metal tray and concrete planters. It will keep your coffee table both sophisticated and appealing at the same time.

For your statement piece, you can add a spiraled metallic sphere, coupled with a decorative wooden box.

  • Bohemian Coffee Table

Bohemian style builds a more welcoming and comforting look. You can showcase your bohemian style easily by incorporating a lot of plants and greenery around your table. Moreover, you can also add small candles to create the Bohemian vibe perfectly.

Try finding a mirrored tray with textured handles to add depth to your table. You can play with your creativity by trying any funky-shaped mirrors. In addition to this, you can add a pretty metal terrarium too. This will bring in a Boho Chic appeal and provide structure to an otherwise organic style.

Want to make it extra Bohemian and bring all your peculiar ideas to test? Add a statement piece like a ceramic or metallic statue. Then, couple it with votive candles and diffusers, and you will love it!


Coffee tables can be a great way to impress your guests. They provide a fantastic way to help bind the specifics of your room together. However, you must be familiar with some styling fundamentals if you want to get the decoration right.

Even though decoration is a challenging thing to get the hang of, it is the material that you need to master when it comes to coffee table styling. The important thing is to learn about how every decorative piece works together as a whole.

What you need to do is find how they connect together the best way. Is it the color, or style, or shape, or theme that make a perfect connection? Once done, you must find the display as one unit in that each item complements the others around it.

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