How to Keep Futon from Slipping: Finding the Right Solutions
How to Keep Futon from Slipping

How to Keep Futon from Slipping: Finding the Right Solutions

If you own a futon in your home, there is one thing you must be very familiar with, and that is your futon mattress constantly falling down or on the verge of falling. You will constantly have to pull it up, which is why knowing how to keep futon from slipping is absolutely essential.

More often than not, this happens every time you sit on it or when you flip or turn it. Futon slipping is completely inevitable if just left that way. You will have to put in back in its place almost several times in a day depending on how often you use it.

You will also find that many people who buy futon mattresses constantly read its reviews online to see how often and easily does the mattress fall off. Seldom will you find a review that mentions that a futon never falls off and stays in place forever.

Thankfully, the solution to this gigantic problem is very simple. There are multiple ways you can hold the futon down in order to avoid slippage. That’s what we aim to talk about at length in this article. So, let’s dive into it.

Why Does It Keep Slipping Off the Frame

Anyone who owns a futon mattress always asks how to make sure that the futon does not slip from the frame. You will find several reviews online that will help you determine how you could possibly prevent or at the least to reduce the frequency of it. It is only then you could enjoy your futon to its fullest potential.

When you just purchase a brand new futon mattress, the possibility of it slipping is far lower than a futon that is relatively older. This could possibly be because the futon is still quite stiff. This allows it to hold it better and stop it from slipping off the frame.

Over time, when you completely break into your futon and constantly flip and turn it over, these activities will have a tendency to make the futon pop off from the frame.

Another reason why your futon could constantly be slipping off the futon frame would be because the futon mattress itself has a cover that is a soft cloth material. This soft material, in combination to the already existing slippery futon frame, allows the futon to slip off the frame constantly.

Other times, if you have children at home, they find the futon slippage a joy ride and keep doing that to it, making the whole situation worse.

How to Keep Futon from Slipping

Preventing your futon from slipping is far easier than you would like to believe. The solutions involve the use of certain products that help keep the futon in its place no matter how much movement happens on it. These products are easily available online or even in stores.

Proper research and implementation of these products will ensure that futon slipping will be a part of the past for you. Some of the ways to stop the futon from slipping include:

Gripper Strip

A gripper strip is an easy solution to stop the futon from slipping. The gripper strip is a strip that has an adhesive on the bottom side of it, which is stuck to the futon’s frame front seat as well as the back. This strip is made using an ester-based polyurethane foam material.

When the futon gets in contact with this strip, it creates a resistance successfully. This resistance holds the futon down and prevents it from slipping. Below, we provide a step-by-step guide to putting on the gripper strip.

  • Cut the strips according to the measurements of the slats on the futon frame.
  • Peel off the adhesive from the gripper strip. Be careful as this can tend to be very sticky and can cause a whole lot of mess.
  • Once you have peeled the strips, stick them appropriately to the slats. Make sure to apply enough pressure on the strips so that it sticks well on the futon frame.

And, that’s it! Your gripper strip is ready for use. Simply place the futon over it like you normally would.

Rug Pad

Another way you can prevent the futon mattress from slipping is by using a rug pad. Rug pads are easily available in any futon store, department store, local furniture store, and even online. All you need to do is buy a rug pad large enough that would appropriately fit the futon frame.

Then, once you have it, simply lay the rug pad over the futon’s frame seat, and place the futon mattress over it like you normally would. The rug pad acts as a stopper and prevents the mattress from slipping down.

You can take this a step further and place a sticky tape under the rug pad. This will allow the rug pad to get glued to the futon’s frame seat. Thus, completely eliminating the possibility of it ever moving around and slipping no matter how much movement happens on the futon mattress.

Futon Mattress Strap

The last technique to stop your futon mattress from slipping is by using a futon mattress strap. This is a very handy strap that is made from a one-inch rugged wide nylon webbing along with some durable plastic or metal buckles.

These straps are available in any futon stores, furniture stores, and even online shops. The straps need to be installed across the futon. The whole process will take no more than 10 minutes, and it will fully secure the futon in the frame.

This futon strap tucks in very well and neatly on the futon mattresses’ crease. Thus, making it completely invisible. This strong strap is a brilliant solution as it will ensure that at no point will the futon ever slip from its frame.


If you are a regular user of a futon mattress, then it is imperative to know how to keep futon from slipping. Futon slippage is a very common problem and is also pretty much inevitable. Then again, that does not mean you need to suffer from it. With the solutions provided above, we are certain that you will never have to deal with a futon slipping and falling anymore.

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