How to Keep Sofa Covers in Place: Easy DIY Hacks
How to Keep Sofa Covers in Place

How to Keep Sofa Covers in Place: Easy DIY Hacks

Using sofa covers is an inexpensive way to give an old sofa an upgrade. Not only do they add life and color to a home, but they also protect the furniture from dust and tears. The only problem with using one is that they tend to slip, which is why knowing how to keep sofa covers in place is very important.

One major disadvantage of using a sofa cover is that it sometimes slide out of place. It moves when someone sits on it, thus leaving the entire sofa looking messy. This article shows easy ways of keeping a sofa cover in place. It also has smart hacks that are proven to maintain the quality of a sofa cover.

How to Keep Sofa Covers in Place

The following simple actions will help keep the cover smooth and stay tucked in the sofa.

  1. Place the cover inside the clothes dryer together with a clean, damp rag. Set the dryer to warm or cool, rather than hot, for 10 minutes. This will eliminate the wrinkles that increase the tendency of the cover fabric to cluster together.
  2. Fasten one small piece of rug clutch to the extremity of each cushion with a hook and loop tape. This is to lessen the sliding movement when someone sits down and stands up.
  3. Tuck up the edges of the cover under the arms of the sofa. Also, tuck it at the back and under the cushions of the sofa. Pull the cover as far down and as far back to cover the sofa upholstery completely and to secure the cover.
  4. Insert a dowel rod in between the spaces of the slipcover and the back of the row seat cushions. Shove the rod so it will be hidden and tuck the cover to avoid it from slipping out.

Other DIY Hacks for Keeping Sofa Covers in Place

When learning how to keep sofa covers from slipping, you can actually make some easy hacks using materials that are readily available in your house. Did you know that premium Velcro strips, a wooden spoon stick, and old magazines can be effective tools in keeping the covers in place?

  • The Sticky Tap Trick

For keeping the cover edges tucked in the sofa cushions, you can apply the “sticky tape trick”. In this method, you will need high-quality Velcro tape or strips.

1. With the sofa cover removed from the cushion, attach the Velcro on the insides of the cover. Sofa covers with thick fabric may only require one Velcro strip in the center. Meanwhile, covers with thin fabric are more prone to slip, so they need more Velcro pieces.

2. Attach some Velcro tapes especially in the parts of the cover where slippage occurs the most, such as the arms, bottom, and back of the sofa.

3. When you have attached the Velcro to the important parts, place the cover onto the sofa.

Important Note: Only use high-quality Velcro so as not to damage the sofa and the cover. When removing the Velcro, you only need to pull it away from the cover fabric.

  • The Wooden Spoon Trick

The rest of the sofa is a bigger piece of material that can be challenging to work with. One effective tool that can easily tighten up the sofa covers is a wooden spoon. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Place the cover on the sofa and push the spare fabric at the arms and the back in order to align the seams with the edifice of the sofa.

2. Use the wooden spoon to press any cluster of fabric as deep into the middle of the creases as possible. The wooden spoon, its back specifically, is also effective in smoothing out the middle part of the cover before tucking it into the creases.

3. Make the drawstring tight all over the base of the sofa. This is to secure all parts of the cover in place.

  • The Magazine Trick

Applying the steps in the wooden spoon trick, you can also use old magazines and rubber bands for keeping the sofa cover in place. Not sure how it’s done? Simply follow these steps:

1. After doing the steps in the wooden spoon trick, roll the magazines up and tie them with rubber bands to keep them rolled up. Do not use newspapers as their ink might leave marks on the fabric.

2. Push the rolled magazines in between the creases to smooth out the fabric.

3. Keep rolling the magazines into the creases until the seams get arranged completely and are secured tightly. Tuck the cover as tightly as possible to prevent slippage.

Taking Care of Sofa Covers

Even though most sofa covers are machine-washable, they are quite bulky and require a laundromat kind of washing machine. Some even need professional dry cleaning to keep its quality and prevent any damage to the fabric.

If you plan on doing it yourself still, then here are some helpful tips you might want to keep in mind:

  • Before tossing the sofa cover into the washer, run the washer through a wash cycle to remove any excess detergent and other unwanted elements that could ruin the fabric.
  • Wash the entire cover, rather than washing only the dirty parts as it can lead to color variations.
  • Since the covers may be too heavy or bulky, separate them into two loads to prevent the washer from overloading.
  • Make sure that the zippers are closed to avoid them getting damaged.
  • Set the washer to gentle cycle and use mild detergent and cold water. When the cycle has stopped, immediately remove the cover from the washer.
  • Tumble drying is recommended, although you can also use the machine dryer but on a no-heat setting.


While sofa covers give the furniture a newer look, they can totally become a bunched-up mess instead of a beautiful decoration. This is due to the fact that sofa covers easily get loose and slide all over the sofa. Now that you know how to keep sofa covers in place, this is no longer a problem.

The tighter you tuck the parts of the cover in, the more secure the cover stays in place. Make sure that you do not damage the fabric when you smooth out or tuck the cover in.

Aside from securing that the cover is tucked into the sofa, taking care of the cover is also important. While it does require special washing and caring, the life and color it will add to your home make it all worth it.

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