How To Style A Coffee Table in the Most Elegant Way Possible
How To Style A Coffee Table

How To Style A Coffee Table in the Most Elegant Way Possible

Coffee tables are considered a staple piece of furniture in every living room. As such, manufacturers have found ways to tap into its market, which resulted in a wide variety of options for us users. With the lot of selections that we have now, purchasing a coffee table became easier and in some cases, hassle-free. However, it doesn’t stop there. Yes, you may have the knack for picking out the perfect one, but do you know how to style a coffee table?

Whether you already have the perfect coffee table for your living room, or you are still on the lookout for it, the next thing you may want to take care of is setting it up to be more aesthetically pleasing. This is the part where you get a huge room to express yourself! Unleash your creativity while we cover the basics of styling your coffee table.

A Coherent Interior Design

Before going into more details, it is important that you carefully identify what you want to achieve in terms of design. Without attention to details, you may end up with a random design that may not be congruent with your other furniture. This, in effect, may ruin the feel and the ambiance of the room.

Design Concepts

Although it may be a little costly, designing your home is such a fun experience! There are a lot of themes to choose from. It is just thrilling to mix and match all those patterns, textures, and lighting, among others and see how good they turn out! However, we are pretty sure you have all these figured out before you started your quest for a coffee table. So that leaves us to choose a coffee table that matches the overall theme.

Modern day designs are fascinating. The streamlined furniture gives a futuristic feel and an engaging vibe. If you are a little old-fashioned, then rustic or Victorian may pique your interest. Whatever theme you choose, there’s always a coffee table out there that complements it. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of how you style things together.

Guidelines on How to Style a Coffee Table

  1. Find symmetry.

The living room is one of the most prominent places in your house that guests get to see. Thus, it is only just to make sure that it is appealing and welcoming.

You may center a flower vase on your coffee table and make it the focal point of your living room. You can also add a few coffee table books or magazines on each side. You may add whatever ornament or decorative things you have set your heart out for and these items need not be always identical when placed on both sides. However, the difference in their sizes, ideally, should not be too noticeable. The idea is to make sure that they look balanced.

  1. There’s beauty in asymmetry.

If you find joy owning an asymmetrical coffee table, then achieving balance will be pointless as you won’t be able to utilize its beauty by centering objects on top of it.

The key in styling an asymmetrical coffee table is following its shape. Arguably, an oddly shaped coffee table brings a different appeal on its own. Sometimes, it’s better just to let it be. But if you must, fill the larger area with bigger objects and taper the items placed in the smaller space.

  1. Find the right composition.

Designing your coffee table is not just about filling it with random books, flower vases, cute wood carvings, candles, and other pretty stuff. It may be tempting to place every trinket on top of your table to make it outstanding. However, this may not be the best way to design it.

Remember, composition matters. The stuff you put on top of your coffee table must be coherent with the overall design of your living room. Additionally, the sizes of the objects should vary. Imagine placing same-sized books on top of it. Most likely, it will look more like that of a library’s than a coffee table.

  1. Leave some space.

Don’t cramp up your coffee table with too much stuff that it can’t serve its purpose, which is to support beverages and food items that are essential when you bring guests into your home. Leave ample space to prevent it from looking like a diorama.

  1. Utilize a tray.

A tray is best used on top of upholstered coffee tables but has many other applications. Using a tray as an accent for your coffee table gives it a neat look. Aside from that, it also serves a great function. Whenever you need the more space off your coffee table, you simply just have to lift up the tray and place it somewhere else.

  1. Add texture.

Books, vases, and candles are some of the most common things placed on top of coffee tables. To make it more interesting, you can add more textures to the table. Some carved wood or stone would add elegance to your coffee table. A variety of coherent items would make your table remarkable.

  1. Avoid tall objects.

Coffee tables are designed low so that whatever you place on top of it will not obstruct your view. Now, if you put some tall twigs or huge floral arrangements, that would inhibit your coffee table’s purpose.

The key is not to put anything that will discourage a conversation. Apparently, tall paraphernalia doesn’t cut it. Keep the objects low to make or maintain an engaging environment and encourage socialization.


It is entirely understandable that you want every little best things you lay your eyes on on your coffee table. After all, it usually is the center of your living room. It is only right for it to have that distinct beauty to stand out. However, placing everything on it may only strip off the table’s beauty and purpose. In case you get carried away, you can always go back to these few tips on how to style a coffee table so that you won’t end up overdoing it! Sometimes, we appreciate one’s beauty in its simplicity.

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