What Size are Futons?
What Size are Futons

What Size are Futons?

Getting a futon can be a great and stylish way to both update your living space and solve the problem of sleeping arrangements which may come up if you’re moving into a new and often times smaller home or are expecting a visitor who will stay over for more than a couple of nights, at which point relying on a blowup mattress stops being an option.

While you’re free to choose any style which fits in nicely with your home’s existing décor, you ought to give some thought to the size your future futon will be.

There’s not much we can say on the size of the futon as a whole since every manufacturer has slightly different dimensions for the frames they’re using, potential armrests etc. You can consider the standard mattress sizes ottomans adhere to, and which of these suit your situation best.

What follows is an overview of standard futon mattress sizes and what you can expect from each one. After you read the guide, futons size is a question which you’ll no longer be in the dark about.

What Size are Futons?

Futon Chairs

The runt of the futon family, the futon chair is nevertheless a worthy addition to any living room, and can even double as an emergency bed, provided you get one that comes with its own separate ottoman. The chair’s standard cushion is 28 inches wide and 54 inches long, so just enough to sit regularly or recline in. The ottoman has the same width and is 21 inches long, adding enough length for a single-size bed, and the satisfaction of being able to prop your feet up after a long, tiring day.

Another, more spacious option to consider is the 39-inch wide futon chair. Not quite the width of a love seat but definitely roomy enough for a single person to sleep in, this kind of chair unfolds into a 75-inch twin bed if it has a built-in ottoman, or a 57-inch mattress plus a 21-inch futon if the latter comes separately.


Intended for two people to sit close beside each other and share pleasant company, this type of seat can easily recline to form a queen-sized bed. Both can technically sleep in it at the same time but expect things to be cramped. These also have built-in ottomans and separate options. The loveseat’s mattress is both 54 inches long and wide if the ottoman is separate, or 71 inches long if it is built in.

Futon Couches

Now we’re getting into the meat of things – futon couches are the most common types of futon available and offer the most space once properly set up.

The smallest of the futon couches has a double mattress and its dimensions are reciprocal to that of a love seat’s mattress. With a love seat, the mattress extends outwards, taking up considerably more room in front of it. Couches usually have a bifold mechanism that extends their mattress out just enough of the cushions to become flat. So, a standard double mattress you’d find with a futon couch is 75 inches wide and 54 inches long, provided you take the back of the bed as the starting point.

Queen-sized mattresses are where sleeping starts to become truly comfortable for two people. They are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long when the couch is unfolded. Note that this size is a bit unusual as double mattresses tend to predominate. Given a futon couch’s structural limitations, the back of the mattress can be as much as 6 inches higher than the front, which is something you should keep in mind. The larger size also makes the (un)folding process harder to do.

Futon Beds

Futon Beds

The budget-conscious option for people who aren’t fussy about where they sleep and house guests all over the country, futon beds have two frame types – a stationary variety known as a platform frame and a more versatile fold-up frame. The latter is especially useful since the bed in question can be put away to give you more room or become a sofa in a few seconds.

As for platform frames, their dimensions range from twin through full and queen which were discussed above, all the way to the biggest king-sized beds which are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, giving two plus-sized adults ample room, and the California king-sized bed which is both narrower and longer by four inches and are perfect for tall people.


Now that you’re aware of the facts pertaining to futon sizes, the only thing left for you to do is to arm yourself with a measuring tape and start assessing the space in your home. By knowing the standardized dimensions for each different futon type you’ve already won half the battle – the rest will be accomplished with your keen eye for detail and sense of style.

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